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marty's heyday shirt

From: brad b.-------
Date: 26 Feb 2001
Time: 10:22:38
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i own MWP's heyday shirt. i have had it two years and don't know what to do with it. i wear it when i do auditions for good luck, but other than that it helps keep my closet warm. two years ago marty sold some stuff including the shirt. my friend sam bought it, and some time later he gave it to me in accordance with his new religion. ( attachment to material things ect.) i met marty in atlanta(and the rest of the band)on the box of birdz tour which was cool, but i was drunk and wound up from the show. i awoke the next morning feeling like a bug on a bumper. anyway, i reoffered the shirt to marty then. he told me to keep it if i thought it was cool. i have a mint condition heyday LP and a letter from Marty with factoid descriptions. iwill include these items, when i sell the shirt after sampling the responses after a week or two. also, a used CD store in town has a coupleof: GAF, priest,and sometime anywhere. just e-mail me i'll get back

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